2017 AIPP TAS Documentary Professional Photographer of the Year

2017 AIPP TAS Documentary Professional Photographer of the Year

I recently entered the Tasmanian Professional Photography Awards and guess what? I won a category!

"On behalf of Epson Australia and the AIPP, we wish to offer our congratulations on receiving the prestigious title of 2017 AIPP TAS Documentary Professional Photographer of the Year"

 I enterd 4 images and they all received a SILVER award.

These images were taken during some work i was doing for biotech company Marinova (without whome - these images would not exist!)

APPA Awards 2016

APPA Awards 2016

Just a small blog to note that during the 2016 Australian professional photography awards, I picked up a couple of silver awards.

Both images were taken as commission work for Marinova, a Hobart-based biotech company who have been working with for 10 years now and have always supported me and my photography in exchange for lots of beautiful photographs of their seaweed species Undaria.


Wild Island Tasmanian - 2nd Place "animals"

Wild Island Tasmanian - 2nd Place "animals"

My Seal image took out second place in the "animals" category at the Wild Island - Tasmanian Nature and Landscape Photography Exhibition Awards

The exhibition is now over, during the exhibition, I sold a couple of beautiful icemount prints.
Here is a description of the event  – here
Wild Island Photography Awards - Shortlist

Wild Island Photography Awards - Shortlist

Three images selected as finalists in the Wild Island Tasmanian Landscape & Nature Photography Awards
photographic competition.

The exhibition will run between April 29 and June 1 2016
Here is a description of the event from their site – here
Diemen Awards - Marinova Project

Diemen Awards - Marinova Project

I recently entered a design / photography competition - Diemen Awards - Tasmania’s new award platform for the design, digital and print industries.

There is a category with photography that sparked my interest - photographic image creation

In a bait ball - Marinova Project

During a routine dive for Biotech company Marinova (off to photograph the mighty kelp forests) we spotted some activity taking place around waterfall bay. It took us about 2 minutes to suit up, dive in and look what we found!

Algae Dive - Marinova Project

As part of my ongoing photography project for Biotech company Marinova - I went for a dive at Tinderbox (just outside Hobart, Tasmania).

I wanted to see if the Algae was still around - guess what? - it was everywhere!

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