Seafood Everyday recieves International Awards

Seafood Everyday recieves International Awards

Ellie Emmetts book seafood everyday has collected a couple of international awards.

The Gourman international awards announced that seafood everyday had won two categories:
Best women Chef cookbook
Best Fish and seafood cookbook

Well done Ellie, it's a beautiful book and deserves to be recognised, I'm proud of the design we put into this book and really enjoyed working with you.

I'm sure you have a few more cookbooks in you – so I'm looking forward to making those look just as beautiful.

Also looking forward to working with you in our 'publishing workshops' planned for later this year, more about that in another blog post.

The Gourman international awards webpages is - here
Ellie's website is – here
Elise Facebook page is – here

Check out Ellie's live feeds on Facebook if you want some real time cooking tips!