The Anatolian Shepherd Dog - Jan Richards

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog - Jan Richards

This was a very special projects from me. Jan Richards came to me with a request to print a book in an extremely short period of time.

Most of the books involved in a printed overseas and as such we need is a source different printer to complete this job is required at much sooner than an overseas printer would be able to deliver.

We found a printer in Victoria who could put together a book in 18 days which is incredibly short space of time. We began work, putting the book together around some very difficult personal circumstances.

Jan Richards had a terminal illness and had a need to complete this book whilst she was still well enough to enjoy it.

The printing was not without issue which may have been to do with our incredible tight timelines however she is created a beautiful book that means much more than its subject matter. It was one of just two things that Jan had on her bucket list.

I wish I could tell you more about this project but it's not my story to tell. You can check out Jan's website living legacy – here.
You can purchase her book from her website

During this project I learnt a lot about myself, about Jan and about Anatolian shepherd dogs.

I feel privileged to have been allowed to help Jan through this project and this very difficult time in her life.