Philip Kuruvita - From The Menu Hobart

Philip Kuruvita - From The Menu Hobart

This is Philip Kurivita's seventh book and second in the series 'from the menu'.

It's a beautiful guide and recipe book for some of the best and most popular restaurants in Hobart. Designed and put together in InDesign by his wife Vicky - the books look stunning.

In getting ready for press it was my job to optimise the photographs and prepress the files to make sure everything would be fine when the book was on the print press.

It's a hardcover book with a French fold jacket and gloss lamination used selectively throughout the pages to deepen the contrast of Phils photography.

I have a little guest appearance in this book myself, but I let you find this when you have a look through it.

Available in all good bookstores and from Phils website here