Harmony Tasmania - new interactive website

Harmony Tasmania - new interactive website

I was contacted by the Multicultural Council of Tasmania (MCOT) - http://mcot.org.au/ - with a request to build a website that could be used to promote Harmony Week Tasmania.

MCOT had some beautiful illustrations, with a series of images entitled  “I am Tasmanian” and the brief was to assemble a website that would promote the philosophy of “our diversity is our strength” but also allow visitors to register events and be able to view the events that were being held during Harmony Week around the state.

As we were working around a calendar event we had some very clear deadlines, something I always enjoy. It was also my first Tasmanian Government website – hopefully the first of many.

We had to use a number of extensions to help run the events registration and another to help display and coordinate the event viewer and we even managed to incorporate a google map showing exactly where each event was taking place. This site represents one of my quickest builds but also one of my favourites with a beautiful combination of the vibrant colour of the harmony week logo, some exceptionally creative art and a series of photographs that seem to define diversity in images.

With over 46000 hits during the month of March the website needed to be robust enough to handle a huge influx of traffic and multiple event registrations.

It’s a Joomla Based website and one of my favourites. In just 4 weeks we managed to get the number 1 spot in Google for Harmony Week Tasmania (thanks to some clever SEO), outranking the national site!

Take a look here - http://www.harmonytasmania.com/