Diemen Awards - Marinova Project

Diemen Awards - Marinova Project

I recently entered a design / photography competition - Diemen Awards - Tasmania’s new award platform for the design, digital and print industries.

There is a category with photography that sparked my interest - photographic image creation

The entry had to include a photograph that had been used in some form of graphic design but the most important detail is that the image was not allowed to have its form altered in any way - no photo-shopping (colour correction permitted)

I have been undertaking a project with Biotech Marinova collecting images of weed and recently they had produced some in-house promotional material using my images

These photographs are unedited (other than colour correction)

I didn't win anything - but I still think these are among the most interesting and beautiful underwater images I have taken - thought you might like to take a peek too?

The Diemen Awards website is here - http://diemenawards.com.au

Check out Marinova's website here - http://www.marinova.com.au/