Richard Bennett Photography - Ready for the Race

Richard Bennett Photography - Ready for the Race

Richard Bennett has a very complex website. It contains a blog (easyblog) linked with social media, and a eCommerce module (hikashop) that manages the sales for his 12000 products!

Each year Richard photographs the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and each year our aim is to have his images ready for sale as quickly as we can.

This year, due to weather, there were only 600 images to upload into 2 categories. We needed to apply a comprehensive pricing structure to each product, something that would in some applications take days. Hikashop uses spreadsheets to upload lots of images with complex pricing all in a single click.

The photographs of the entire race only took 1.5 hours to upload, import and have ready to sell.

We also gave his website a bit of a makeover and utilised some new tips and tricks to increase his page load speeds


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