The Real Food for Kids Cookbook - eBook

The Real Food for Kids Cookbook - eBook

Ellie decided to widen her audience and make her book available to a global audience by creating an eBook and making it available through the iTunes store.

eBooks come in many shapes, sizes and file formats all utilized by an ever increasing amount of devices. To create an eBook that remains in the same layout as the author intended there is only one solution (currently) a fixed layout ePub3 file. It's a very comprehensive type of file that tells the eReader exactly where to place all the content - essential for any art / coffee table / recipe book.

It's quite a process to undertake as each page need to be authored in the same language that websites use - good job I like working with websites!

The result is a beautiful digital version of the book - available and selling all around the world


You can purchase the eBook here

You can view her website here

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