Ian Wallace – Rebranding.

Ian Wallace – Rebranding.

If you are reading this – you have seen the results of this rebranding job – It’s my own rebranding. For over 10 years I have had various websites, all concentrating on various aspects of my business, photography, websites, publishing and in an effort to make my life a little less complicated and more efficient.

I decided to conduct a website overhaul, merging most of my internet sites into a single, beautiful, simple and most of all concise website


Whilst I still have some other sites out there, the bulk of my work will now be channelled through this site. I also decided it was about time I had a logo to allow me to consistently identify my look and feel across my emails, website and professional stationary.

The website itself is a single page (faux parallax) Joomla based website with a blog. Very easy to view in a mobile device and easy for clients to see examples of my work and be able to contact me.
I hope to use the blog to highlight projects I am working on.