Jervis Bay - Underwater Photography Marinova project

Jervis Bay - Underwater Photography Marinova project

Last week I headed up the NSW coast  (Jervis Bay) to capture some underwater images as part of a photography project with a Tasmanian Biotech company - Marinova. The project aims to photograph diversity in seaweed. 

July is usually a 'safe bet' for diving at Jervis Bay however,  NSW's and QLD's East coast experienced a unprecedented cold snap - with the highest recorded snow falls in QLD for 30 years!
Unfortunately this brought with it very unstable seas, swell and below average visibility for most of the dives - not to mention very chilly water!

During the first boat dive my wetsuit zip broke so to be able to continue the diving I had to be 'cable tied' into my wetsuit for the day and when the trip was over I had to be cut out of it. Needless to say I was not able to get out of the suit to 'relieve' myself during the trip so for the first time in my 15 years of diving I did something I'm not proud of but must admit warmed me up - I'm sure you can join the dots!
Hope you enjoy these images.
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