New website for Di Strong – Hobart Civil Celebrant

New website for Di Strong – Hobart Civil Celebrant

Authorised Civil Celebrant - Di Strong needed a new website for her business. She wants something that looks professional, easy to use and that remains beautiful in all devices.

No problem - we set to work, crafting the content and decided on a single page layout interspersed with images from ceremonies she had attended.

Di had never built or managed a website before so it was important for me to make sure that she was comfortable and confident about all the decisions we needed to make.
We decided on a WordPress CMS site as this would enable Di to be able to edit her own site but also provide her with a site that could grow with her business.
She loves her new site and I do too!
Check out Di Strong – Authorised Civil Celebrant and let her know what you think.

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