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Websites Breakdown

Tasmania Freelance Graphic Designer

1. Design

Your website needs to look beautiful on all devices and in all browsers. Like to be able to edit the content yourself?
No Problem.

I can build a simple portfolio website or a complex eCommerce store and every type of site in between.

Sketching, wire-framing and designing. I always keep you up to date of the progress we make.

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2. Build

You can decide on your choice of Content Management System, commercial template or custom build depending on your needs.

Need to integrate your social media into your site and get it working for you?
No Problem.

Or simply need a website overhaul?
Let me know your needs and I can make it happen.

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3. SEO

Search Engine Optimisation can be a bit of a buzz word around the internet, however I will build your site utilising SEO to maximize your sites exposure.

The content of your site has the biggest impact on SEO.
That's OK, I'm here to guide you.

If you know who you are trying to reach, I will help you reach them.
SEO is complex. I'll be there every step.

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4. Hosting

Do your need to purchase or configure a domain name? Set up your email or manage a sub domain?
Don't worry, that's my business.

I'm a one stop shop. I can host your site which makes building, management and updates much more efficient.

If you would like to see some of my latest website builds and portfolio,
check out the gallery below.

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Website Portfolio

Client - Cleverdesign.com.au


Joomla3 | Portfolio | Single Page | Paralax

Client - Ian Wallace


Joomla3 | Single Page | Paralax

Multicultural Council of Tasmania


Wordpress | Events | eCommerce | Blog

Illumiate Skin and Makeup Studio


Shopify | eCommerce | Info

Client - Harmony Tasmania


Joomla3 | Events | RSForm | Zentools

Client - Di Strong Civil Celebrant


Wordpress | Single Page | Paralax

Underwarter Hocky Championships


Joomla | Countdown | events | info

Client - Robin Riddle


Joomla3 | Hikashop | Easyblog

Client - Richard Bennett


Joomla3 | Hikashop | Easyblog

Client - Bob Simpson


Joomla3 | PayPal | ZenTools

Client - Mark Wassell


Joomla3 | Ignite Gallery | Paypal

Client - TLG


Joomla 3 | Hikashop | Easyblog

Client - Alan Moane


Joomla3 | Minimal | Professional

Client - Philip Kuruvita


Joomla3 | VirtuMart | Easyblog | Ignite Gallery

Your website should be a reflection of you.
Let's talk !

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Publishing Breakdown

The Idea

It all starts here

  • Refine your concept
  • Consider your target audience
  • Establish and work within a budget

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Design is everything

  • Layout your pages
  • Work in industry standard software
  • Create professional documents

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Pre-Press and Printing

Create the optimal file

  • Consult with experts 'on the press'
  • Optimise and convert your images
  • Reduce file, time and budget issues

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Project Management

Getting your ducks in a row

  • Investigate sponsorship
  • Co-ordinate photography
  • Consult copy-writers and editors

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Get out there

  • Sell wholesale, retail and direct
  • Connect with professional distributors
  • Maximise your exposure and profits

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Time to make some money

  • Sell in the iTunes Store
  • Create for Android and IOS
  • Get your idea out there

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Maximise your audience

  • Distribute electronically
  • Increase access to your publication
  • Sell in the iTunes Store

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Publishing Portfolio

Garlic Feast

Client - janice Sutton

Design | Prepress | Project Management

Blog entry

Seafood Everyday

Client - Eloise Emmett

Design | Prepress | Project Management

Blog entry

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Client - Jan Richards

Design | Prepress | Project Management

Blog entry

From the Menu Hobart

Client - Philip Kuruvita

Prepress | Image Optimisation

Blog entry

Woof 8 - Love at Fur Sight

Client - Ella & Friends

Prepress | Consultation

Blog Entry

Under The Tree

Client - Fahan School

Design | Prepress |Project Management

Cradle Coast Pantry

Client - Philip Kuruvita

Prepress | Consultation

Interactive eBook

Client - Clever Design

Design | Coding | Project Management | iTunes

The Real Food for Kids Cookbook

Client - Eloise Emmett

Design | Prepress | Project Management

Tasmania - a visual journey

Client - Collective

Design | Project Manage | Prepress

Seaweed - Art meets science App

Client - Ian Wallace

Design | Coding | Content | iTunes Store

Woof 7 - Scratch and Sniff

Client - Ella & Friends

Prepress | Consultation

Australian Wildlife - iPhone App

Client - Ian Wallace

Design | Coding | Content | iTunes Store

If you don't ask, you will never know.
Let's talk about your book !

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Photography Breakdown

Tasmania Freelance Graphic Designer


Do you need your product or workplace documented?

Professional photography can make such a difference when it comes to telling a story, selling a product or documenting an event.

Commercial | Underwater | Landscape

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I love to teach people photography, workflow and software.

I conduct courses for individuals or groups, from beginner to advanced. You don't even need a fancy camera or any experience.

You might like to look at my site:


Photography Portfolio

Landscape 1

One Love, three perspectives - Exhibition

Commercial 1

Telstra - small business magazine

Underwater 1

Client - Adobe Lightroom Adventure

Award 1

APPA award

Landscape 2

Client - Tasmanian Life magazine

Commercial 2

Coles / Houstons Farm

Underwater 2

Client - Marinova

Award 2

APPA Award

Landscape 3

Personal project

Commercial 3

Victoria - Winning Design magazine

Underwater 3

Personal Project

Award 3

APPA Award

Commercial 4

ASA - National Conference

Let's work together.
We will make a
great team !

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I'm a professional photographer,
book publisher and
web designer,
amongst other things.

They say "If you love your job, you will never work a day in your life". I have spent my life, finding things that I love to do, doing them as much as I can and then learning how to do them as well as possible.

My skill with image, design and photography, perfectly equip me to be able to offer my services as a professional photographer, book publisher and web designer. I remain current in my practice by teaching all of these skills in TasTAFE and provide them to clients on a freelance basis.

I hope you enjoy the site. If you would like my help with anything, please drop me a line.

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What others say

  • Ian Wallace is not your typical web geek. He communicates well, is hardworking and he simply does stuff instead of talking about it.

    Richard Bennett - Director, www.RichardBennett.com.au

  • Ian Wallace did an awesome job on my book. Working quickly and professionally he helped make my first book a success.

    Elouise Emmett - Chef, www.eloiseemmett.wordpress.com

  • Ian Wallace captures our architectural design with a combination of technical excellence and artistic passion. He is super easy to work with.

    Mike Cleaver - Principal, Clever Design


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Want to discuss your ideas for a new project or just want to say hi? It's all good, I'd love to connect with you.

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PO BOX 282
South Hobart
Tasmania 7004

+61 438 694 947